Open House

Open House

Open, Come on In

Open Houses can be a great way to expose your home to the market.  Sellers often wonder if an Open House is a good idea.

The answer is: it depends.

Will my neighbors come to the Open House?

Often the do!  We actually want them to come to the Open House.  Sometimes your nosy neighbor has a friend or family member that they know would be of interest in your community.  These types of questions are ones we ask to neighbors when they show.

Will people be looking through my things at the Open House?

People will often open closet doors, appliances, and cabinets.  The majority of the time it is so that they can get an idea on storage and space.  This is why we want you to pack up the clutter and make closets and cabinets look a little sparse. If it looks like there is extra space and not over crowded, people think they can fit their belongings in the home.

Do I need to do anything?

Yes, we recommend that you go through the home, room by room.  Declutter and depersonalize the home.  We want your home to be neutral and spacious.  Often it is a good idea to put heavy or bulky furniture in the garage or storage.  The home will then look larger and more spacious.  We also recommend that you bake some cookies before we arrive.  The cookies put a nice warm cookie smell through the home.  It is a smell that most people like.  If you have pets, make arrangements to take them away from the home.  Some people are allergic to pets, others scared of pets, and pets can be a distraction.

Will there be traffic to my Open House? Do people show up?

Buyers often out in the area driving around will stop by an Open House if it is in an area of interest to them.  The majority of buyers will follow a few Open House signs to get there. When the home is located in the back of a community with lots of turns, buyers often give up.  Buyers also do not follow signs from miles away.  Homes in subdivisions off semi-busy streets have better luck than rural homes or homes of extremely busy highways.  When the main road is at higher speeds, buyers will have passed the turn before they have a chance to slow down.  Coming off these busy highways can be a challenge for turning around, and the buyers often give up.
An Open House is only as good as the ability of a buyer to follow a sign to your home. Some homeowners communities do not allow Open House signs. These same associations will often remove our Open House signs during the Open House which means no one will show up. Gated communities can also be tricky.  It communities with guards, buyers can be spooked off by the guard. In Others, it is hard to get the gate open for buyers.
Condominium and Townhouse communities are not usually recommended for Open Houses.  

Are you aware of any specific communities which are difficult for Open Houses?

Some of the homeowners associations that we are aware do not allow Open House signs include all of the subdivisions in Hunters Creek.
Orange Tree and St Ives in Dr Phillips charge per sign that is placed in their community.  They put up their own signs and have restrictions on them, only a set number of Open Houses per year. It is also a guard gated community.  The turn out is generally neighbors and visitors of neighbors.
Several of the exclusive communities we would never hold an Open House.  We would have other marketing plans for these communities. The Windermere communities of Isleworth, Keene’s Point, Reserve of Lake Butler South and Chain du Lac.  The Winter Garden community of Deer Island would also not be a recommended community for an Open House. In Dr Phillips, Turtle Creek, Isle of Osprey, and Phillips Landing can be impossible because they are guard gated.
In Metrowest, Palma Vista, Park Springs, Stonebridge, Westminster Landing, and Vista Royale are all gated. Oakland has John’s Landing that is gated. The communities of Lake Fischer and Windermere Chase are gated.  The Dr Phillips communities of Cypress Chase, Cypress Point, Dellagio, Emerson Point, Kingston Park, and Vizcaya are all gated.  Windermere has several gated communities including Waterstone, Bellaria, Belmere, Reserve of Belmere, Waterford Point, Westover Club, Eden Isle, Windermere Grande, Windermere Point and Tildens Grove.  The Winter Garden communities of Amberleigh, Belle Meade, Black Lake Park, Bradfor Creek, Brandy Creek, Bronson Landing, Stoneybrook West, Emerald Ridge, Cambridge Crossing, Wintermere Point, and Glynwood.  Ocoee also has several gated communities including Westyn Bay, Windsor Landing, Willows on the Lake, Wesmere, McCormick Woods, Hampton Woods, Forestbrooke, Eagles Landing, Cross Creek, Brookestone, Arden Park and Cheshire Woods.
While these above communities and a few others in the Dr Phillips, Windermere, Winter Garden, Gotha, Ocoee areas are gated, we would need to discuss on a case by case basis to see if we agree on the benefits and pitfalls.

Will you be marketing for the Open House?

Yes, we have a very detailed Open House which generally brings in high turn out if your home is not located in an anti-open house homeowners association or gated community. We will show you our plan for the Open House as we review our marketing plan for your home.  You will be very impressed with the exposure of your home.